Meriam and DanielMeriam Yahya Ibrahim, a 27 year old Sudanese doctor of the Khartoum Medical school is a beautiful woman and wife of American citizen Daniel Wani (originally from the south of Sudan). They already have a son of almost 2 years and are expecting a second child very soon. This might seem like a perfect little family but for the fact that Meriam is about to be hanged by the Sudanese justice system. Her crime? She married a Christian in a sharia ruled country.

Meriam is nine months pregnant and will give birth within a few days. But she will never see her child grow up, feed it the mothers milk it has a right to or share her wisdom to the next generation of her family. Not because of a sickness, not because of an accident, but because according to sharia law she isn’t allowed to marry a Christian man.

American Citizen
Daniel Wani is an American citizen, but his wife is not. He’s applied for a spousal visa but still hasn’t gotten it from the US embassy. It’s very strange to see that so many illegals who criminally entered the USA will get amnesty but someone who follows the legal path and applies under the condition of a threatened life doesn’t get any help. If breaking the law is rewarded while following the law is punished, people are conditioned to break the law.

The Fuzz
So what exactly is Meriam’s crime? She has been a Christian all her life. She was brought up by her Orthodox-Christian Ethiopian mother in West-Sudan and Kharthoum. But she had the unfortunate fate to have a Muslim Sudanese father. A father that abandoned her an her mother when she was just 6 years old. But because her father is a Muslim, by sharia law, she is also a muslim. Therefor the has been convicted of apostasy with the punishment of death.

It started with Adultery
When Meriam was charged with adultery for having a relation with a Christian man she tried to defend herself by proving that her marriage was legitimate. She provided a certificate and photo’s of her marriage to Daniel. But instead of being absolved from criminal charges she got charged with apostasy. They gave her a chance to ‘return to Islam’ by renouncing her Christian fate. When she refused by saying that she had always been Christian and that there is nothing to go back to, she was sentenced to being hanged after giving birth to her child.

Martin Ibrahim

Martin Ibrahim

No right to see Wife and Child
Daniel Wani isn’t allowed to see his wife or his 20 month old child. Yes, 20 month old Martin Ibrahim is also incarcerated and isn’t allowed to see his father. Because Daniel is a Christian and according to sharia law Martin and his future brother are both Muslim, Daniel has no right of fatherhood over his children.

The US has issued a weak statement but as far as can be seen, no definite action has been taken to save Merian, and her children. The UK has summoned the Sudanese diplomat to answer for what is happening in Sudan. But other governments are keeping quiet.

Take Action
It is up to people to take action. Talk to your representatives and call or send them letters.

This is the link to the Dutch website of the Sudanese Embassy

Do something while there is still time for Meriam.

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