On the April the 19th 2014, I was one of the speakers and panelists on a gathering organised by the team of Face-It. A Chinese/Asian youth group formed by the CJO (Chinese Jongeren Organisatie) focused on blowing the lid on social taboes within the Asian community.

We’ve all heard of the amount of stress that Chinese children in China have to endure from their parents to be able to survive in a very competitive society. Even in primary school levels children are exposed to a pressure that many children in the west don’t have to deal with. But not many people know that even here in the west, many Chinese children endure the same type of performance culture.

On this day I gave a 12 min speech on my spiritual counseling practice and experience with Chinese youth. I was accompanied by two very lovely and dedicated panelists. Teacher and school counsellor at the Trade Management Higer Education in Rotterdam, Cheril Gerretsen, and psychologist and therapist from Den Haag, Yuan Jing.

All three of us have different approaches on how we try to help people that come to us for aid. I gave a talk on how I try to spiritually equip people to find themselves and strengthen their personality. It was great to see the different approaches of the other speakers and I’m very pleased to say that between the three of us, we gave a very holistic approach on how to deal with the issue.

The television channel NPO Spirit also made a report on it. It can be viewed here in Dutch.

Here are some snapshots of the day.

More can be viewed here on their website


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