I was intrigued by a photo series of photographer Gregg Segal called 7 days of garbage.

7 Days of Garbage is a series of portraits of friends, neighbors, and other acquaintances with the garbage they accumulate in the course of a week. Subjects are photographed surrounded by their trash in a setting that is part nest, part archeological record. We’ve made our bed and in it we lie.” ~ Gregg Segal

We have trash every day and we have a relatively easy way of disposing of it. Every day I throw my trash in a trashcan. And afterwards I dump it into a bigger container. That container is picked up weekly by de garbage company and the trash is out of my life. But that doesn’t mean the trash stops excising. What if you were confronted with all the trash you’ve made in a week. Would you look differently at your trash?

I’ve been thinking about the trash I produce for quite a while now and after seeing this photo series, I’ve decided to actively promote awareness but also implement all I know about making less trash for my eco system.

Here are some images.

All images are property of Gregg Segal.

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