Author: A. Mathura

Asian youth scarred by achievement stress

On the April the 19th 2014, I was one of the speakers and panelists on a gathering organised by the team of Face-It. A Chinese/Asian youth group formed by the CJO (Chinese Jongeren Organisatie) focused on blowing the lid on social taboes within the Asian community. We’ve all heard of the amount of stress that Chinese children in China have to endure from their parents to be able to survive in a very competitive society. Even in primary school levels children are exposed to a pressure that many children in the west don’t have to deal with. But not...

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The Oldest Living Creatures on Earth

I’m very intrigued by the efforts of Rachel Sussman (Photographer) who has been working since 2004 to photograph the oldest (continuing) living creatures on Earth. She has collaborated with biologists and has traveled many miles, from Antarctica to Sweden. From 2000 year old plants, to the 80,000 year old Pando, she’s photographed them all. I love her passion and her dedication to this project. I’ve heard, and read about some of these organisms, but seeing them in these images and colours bring them to life in my imagination. Check out a video showcasing the images. She’s also been on TED....

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Geef mij liever vrijheid van Nederland

Ik liep eergisteren in Rotterdam aan de schiedamseweg. Daar liep er een creoolse dame met een bijbel in haar hand. Omdat ik niet gewend ben om iemand met een bijbel in zijn hand op straat te zien lopen bleek ik kijken naar de vrouw en wat ze zou doen. Ze liep naar een marrokaanse jongen die geen 3 meter van mij stond. Zij begon hem te vertellen over Jezus en hoe iedereen gered kan worden. Ik snapte toen dat ze bezig was om hem te ‘redden’ zoals mijn Christelijke vrienden dat altijd noemen. De jongen probeerde haar stil te...

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